My Review of the 29th Street Oat Willie's

My Review of the 29th Street Oat Willie's

I normally shop at Planet K, but I decided to try Oat Willie’s based on the recommendation of two close friends. This was my first time shopping at Oat Willie’s, and at this rate it will be my last.

I came in intending to buy the PAX 3 vaporizer. The sales associate showed me the Davinci Miqro and recommended it over the PAX because of its size and adaptability. He informed me that the Miqro came with two batteries that you could take out and charge separately. Compare this to the PAX 3, with an internal battery that must be charged via cable, and the Miqro seemed like a no-brainer. At $190, it was also cheaper than the PAX 3 which was listed at $209 in store. So I purchased the Davinci Miqro, and went on about my day.

Fast forward four (4) hours, I get home and start exploring my new purchase. From Davinci’s website, they sell two versions of the Miqro: the standard vaporizer for $149 and the vape + “Explorer’s Collection” for $199. This Explorer’s Collection includes the additional battery that I was told, by the Oat Willie’s employee, came with my purchase. However, what I was given appeared to only be the standard vaporizer. Considering that I was charged $190 at Oat Willie’s for the Miqro, I assumed I was given the wrong version of the product by mistake.

So I return to Oat Willie’s, and the gentleman who sold me the vape earlier that same day is still working. I inform him of the price discrepancy/ potential mixup and offer to show him the listing on Davinci’s own website to help make sense of things, but he disregarded my words completely.

After seeing that I had not used the device or taken anything out of the box, the store clerk manages to deny me service on the basis that the receipt says “no returns on vaporizers”. Never mind the fact that I had not used the device and it was literally in the same shape it was when under their possession earlier that same day.

I went so far as to offer to give them more money in exchange for another vaporizer that was sold closer to the appropriate price, the PAX 3. I was not asking for my money back, but to instead give them additional money in exchange for a product I would be happy with. But again, I was pointed towards the Oat Willie’s return policy.

The associate insisted that the matter was out of his control, because policy. He informed me that I could wait a few days until the “old guy that manages the store” comes in so I could instead plead my case to him.

Just to recap, I was sold a product based on an inaccurate description of said product. Upon realizing that what I was told was not what I received, I returned, same day, to try and purchase a different product. I was then turned away and told this was a “lesson” in not doing research before coming into the store. Clearly this was my fault for having faith in Oat Willie’s to perform business in a manner that isn’t hostile towards the customer. I should have known when I came in that the clerk was going to pull a fast one by falsely advertising their merchandise.

I can not consciously recommend anyone purchase from Oat Willie’s. Once they have your money, they no longer appear to care about you as a customer. I have personally had a more consistent, decency-driven experience at any of the Planet K’s I have been to in Austin than I have this Oat Willie’s.

TL;DR - Oat Willie’s staff openly lied about the product they were selling me, and then told I could not replace it with another product because the receipt says so.